Table 2.

Analysis Results of Likert Scale Questions

Please select how often you offer or perform any of the following with the patients with ADHD in your practice:
    Seek expert consultation in diagnosing and treating.2.521.091.911.040.610.115.77*
    Follow a medication treatment algorithm such as the Texas algorithm or other recommendations.3.881.113.551.470.330.142.26*
    Make a specific visit to evaluate for ADHD2.521.332.921.73−0.400.17−2.40*
    Initiate any type of drug therapy for ADHD3.041.103.781.33−0.750.13−5.79*
    Use a stimulant as your first choice for ADHD treatment.2.731.143.491.39−0.760.14−5.54*
    Combine medication with other treatment recommendations such as organizational skills training, behavioral counseling.2.651.152.831.44−0.190.14−1.34
    Discuss side effects with patients.1.711.041.991.22−0.280.12−2.35*
Please select how well each of the following describes you:
    I feel comfortable about prescribing stimulant medication.−0.470.14−3.45*
    I tend to try medication even when uncertain about the diagnosis.4.510.774.790.50−0.280.06−5.03*
    I believe treatment should be withdrawn if side effects emerge.2.721.123.421.20−0.700.12−6.09*
    The emergence of common side effects does not alter my treatment plan.3.951.023.941.
    I am not prescribing stimulant medications because I have many concerns about side effects.4.481.004.520.95−0.040.10−0.41
    I always screen for depression before prescribing ADHD medication.2.621.252.771.61−0.150.16−0.91
    I always screen for suicidal ideation before prescribing ADHD medication.2.641.302.761.63−0.120.16−0.76
    I am not concerned with suicidal ideation or depression when prescribing ADHD medication.4.500.914.770.66−0.270.07−3.70*
    I believe “medication holidays” are acceptable.2.521.233.311.38−0.790.14−5.70*
The following questions pertain to the college students 17 to 26 years of age. Please select how well each of the following statements describes you:
    I always ask about patient's use of other substances.*
    I always discuss the stimulant diversion and misuse with my ADHD patients.2.661.292.511.480.150.151.03
    I always suggest available resources and support services (behavioral therapy, counseling) to my patients with ADHD.2.551.*
    How often do you feel education about ADHD or ADHD medication should occur?2.911.213.391.10−0.480.12−4.11*
How well do you feel you are equipped to provide patient education about each of the following:
    Nature of ADHD2.560.882.580.95−0.030.09−0.28
    Effects and side-effects of stimulant medications.2.350.842.380.94−0.040.09−0.39
    Decisions about pharmacotherapy or behavioral therapy choices.2.610.882.691.09−0.080.11−0.78
    General expectations for college life such as stress, academic performance, conduct, life skills and preparation strategies.2.440.871.900.820.540.086.41*
    Risky behaviors, drug abuse, medication misuse and prevention strategies.2.520.832.240.940.280.093.08*
  • AAFP, American Academy of Family Physicians; ACHA, American College Health Association; ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; SD, Standard deviation; T, T-value (t-statistic).

  • The mean was calculated for each group for each question. The lower the value of the mean, the more the agreeable the statement is to the group's perceptions, feelings, or knowledge. Scale is 1 to 5 with 1 = Describes me completely/Always/Very likely to 5 = Does not describe me at all/Never/Very unlikely.

  • * P < .05.