Table 2.

Level of Involvement in the Antidepressant Decision by Education

Decision ProcessEducation LevelP Value
Less than High School (N = 55)High School Grad (N = 118)Some College (N = 116)College Grad (N = 55)Graduate Work (N = 41)
SDM Process score, mean (SD)2.26 (1.3)2.60 (1.2)2.64 (1.2)3.04 (1.0)3.22 (1.2).001*
Discussed pros (%)
    Not at all94542.271
    A little201215137
    A lot4947414963
Discussed cons (%)
    Not at all4140321310.000
    A little1820272815
    A lot2312152613
Explained choices (%)
Provider asked tou (%)
Who made the final decision (%)
    Mainly patient3536484459.001
    Made together3851435239
    Mainly provider2713942
Would you make the same decision again (%)
    Definitely yes5353526370.000
    Probably yes3331423323
    Probably no013425
    Definitely no153223
  • * Analysis of variance used to test difference in means across education level.

  • χ2 test used to test for difference across categorical variables.