Table 3.

Transcripts of QOL Discussions from Recorded Encounters

Conversation 1:
Provider: What can you not do because of your health problems today?
Patient: Uh, well, taking long trips. And, long walks. And that's about it. And working.
Provider: Why is that?
Patient: My back, the scoliosis.
Provider: How long ago were you diagnosed?
Patient: It's been some years I was born with it and I had rods in my back
Patient: And so that, let me see. At 13 years. Gotcha. 9 scoliosis surgeries due to congenital scoliosis and seizures since 2003. And what's your living situation?
Conversation 2:
Physician: There is nothing you cannot do because of your health problems, right?
Patient: No. Nothing is really stopping me. I mean, sometimes I recently started feeling. I guess it is side effects of the vitamin D deficiency like being really, really tired. Unbearably tired. Like in the middle of the day, barely being able to keep my eyes open tired.
Provider: Wow
Patient: And like last week it was the first week that it started to really like affect me. And I have been feeling these symptoms of stuff and I hadn't really felt them until just last week
Provider: Anything about last week that was you think was causing you to feel tired all the time?
Patient: Like social wise?
Provider: Yeah?
Patient: No, nothing. Regular week.
Provider: And have you been eating pretty normally?
Patient: Yes.
Provider: So, what happens to you when you get unbearably tired in the middle of the day? How do you deal with that?
Patient: I have to lay down or at least lay my head down
Provider: For how long?
Patient: Until I can manage to keep my eyes open.
Physician: How are you sleeping?
Patient: I wake up coughing and toss and turn all night.
Physician screens for sleep apnea and orders sleep study.
  • QOL, quality-of-life discussion.