Table 3.

Analysis Results of Binary Scale Questions

AAFP, %ACHA, %Pearson χ2
How do you monitor your ADHD patient's medication compliance (please select all that apply):
    I use a state medication registry to track patient prescription drug use.*
    I use random urine drug testing (UDT).42.321.318.960.00*
    I use pill counts.*
Which factors contribute to your decisions on which stimulant medication to use (can choose more than one answer):
    Preference for fast acting over slow release stimulants.9.314.93.420.06
    Preference for slow release over fast acting stimulants.
    Do you feel it is your responsibility to educate patients with ADHD?*
If yes, what do you feel you are responsible for?
    Educating about legal risks of misusing the medicine.
    Educating about the health and physical risks of misusing the medicine.
    Educating about the mental effects of not using the medicine properly.
    Educating about how misusing medicine can affect social life and relationships such as family, job, friends and significant others.63.666.40.320.57
What do you feel is the best way to educate patients about ADHD (please select all that apply):
    Pamphlets and handouts.47.938.73.540.06
    Education or counseling session at visits where prescription is written.8387.91.860.17
    Give the patient links to web resources.46.748.40.130.72
    Mass media such as television and magazines.6.441.010.32
    Social media such as Facebook and Twitter.6.416.113.430.00*
What do you feel you personally should be doing to reduce the misuse of ADHD medications (please select all that apply):
    Evaluate each patient with suspected ADHD to confirm diagnosis before prescribing.83.567.217.420.00*
    Refer all ADHD patients to mental health professionals for care.26.937.75.870.02*
    Educate patients with ADHD about how the stimulants should and should not be used.76.979.50.380.54
    Provide clear instructions regarding sharing and selling medications to patients with ADHD.67.459.82.620.11
    Provide specific instructions on how to dispose of any unneeded medications.39.743.40.580.45
    Strictly monitor patient's prescription medication use with urine drug tests and state registries.4928.716.930.00*
    Educate all patients of college age about misuse and risk of misusing stimulants.66.576.24.490.03*
    Discourage “medication holidays.”11.1184.530.03*
  • AAFP, American Academy of Family Physicians; ACHA, American College Health Association; ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • * P < .05.