Table 2.

List of Non-Hematology Specialist by Type and Visit Frequency for Age 1 to 65+ (Sample N = 2045)

Specialty TypeFrequency
Primary care visits6251
Hematology specialty visits2792
Non-hematology specialty visits8827
    Acute care*2743
    Physician assistant (unidentified specialty or family practice)1477
    Nurse practitioner (unidentified specialty or family practice)1144
    Unidentifiable (null)458
    Other specialty visits377
    Orthopedic medicine295
    Physical and rehabilitation medicine91
    Foot & ankle surgery/podiatric medicine87
  • * Acute care visit—a visit that occurred in an out-patient acute setting.

  • Unidentifiable (Null) category includes office visits with a billing provider code for “multi-specialty” or “single specialty” with no rendering provider information.

  • Other specialty visits include outpatient visits not historically linked to SCD care or a frequency of visits within the specialty category ≤ 1% of the total number of specialty visits. Excludes SCD and general NP or PA visits. Includes addiction medicine, allergy and immunology, anatomic pathology, critical care medicine, dermatology, development behavior, diagnostic radiology, endocrinology, geriatric medicine, infectious disease, special hospital, neonatal-perinatal medicine, neuro-development, rheumatology, sleep medicine, sports medicine, vascular and interventional.