Table 2.

Patient Responses to Prompt Question

QuestionsControl GroupIntervention Group
Q1Pain and arthritis in hands limits times when I can use hands and pick things upI can't do normal adult things like workout, hangout with friends, and enjoy life because my weight and legs
Seeing, hearing, teeth, independenceTwist the lids off jar. Decreased grip or hand strength
Just live like I want to workout play ball play with my kidsWalking or playing with grandchildren, house work
Work, walk long distances, stand long periods of time, and sometimes unable to just get out of bed
Q2Take road tripsGet up in my chair better from the floor, get into bed and the shower without someone holding my chair
Drive a car, climb a ladderFishing, hunting, walking comfortably
Walk a whole mile, walk faster and climb stepsWalk and see better, would like to read, would like to dance
Go on a vacation without having problems with my legs and feet
Q3Time with family, churchHanging with friends and family; crafting
Music, talking about positive aspects, my family, poetryWheelchair basketball; sports being around people
Music, spiritual ministriesBooks, my religion, my grandkids
Spending time with family and friends, learning new things, travel, social interactions