Table 1.

Demographic and Organizational Characteristics with Respect to Provision of Palliative Care

CharacteristicsResponses, % (n = 136)
Type of Community
Organizational sector (check all that apply)
    Health Care74.26
    Public Health11.03
    Harm reduction20.59
    Food assistance10.29
    Housing assistance13.24
    Social services19.12
    Family and child services4.41
    Community development8.09
Populations served
    Persons with substance use disorders88.89
    Indigenous people82.22
    Other—Including living with HIV; MSM, LGBTQ2SI+, refugees, newcomers, recently released from incarceration, developmental disabilities, seniors28.15
Frequency of personal interaction with people experiencing homelessness
    I don't know13.33
Palliative care services available in your community
    Home visits73.53
    Hospital inpatient72.79
    Hospital outpatient47.79
    Residential hospice29.41
    I don't know15.44
    Other—Medical aid in dying, nursing support, equipment loan23.53
Palliative care provided by target organization
    I don't know2.94
Population served by palliative care services in target organization
    Persons with substance use disorder79.17
    Indigenous persons81.94
    Others—Living with HIV, seniors, recently released from incarceration27.78
Palliative care services provided by target organizations
    Advanced care planning75.00
    Caregiver support61.84
    Case management/patient navigator61.84
    Medical management81.57
    Spiritual support44.74
    Other—Hospitalization, primary care, bereavement support, equipment loan, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, respite care, pharmacy22.37
Locations of palliative care provided by target organizations
    Hospital inpatient48.05
    Hospital outpatient28.57
    Residential hospice22.08
    Other—Long-term care facility, shelter20.78
Number of palliative care or end of life consults completed in 2017
    0 to 534.92
    6 to 1011.11
    11 to 206.35
    21 to 306.35
  • HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; LGBTQ2SI+, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, intersex, two-spirited; MSM, men who have sex with men.