Table 1.

Family Physicians' Self-Reported Provision of Inpatient Care (2013 to 2017)

Year of Survey20132014201520162017*
Total FPs surveyed (N)10,67310,0648,4648,8868,675
FPs reporting inpatient care (n)3,6373,3862,5512,5512,182
Share of FPs reporting inpatient care (%)34.133.630.928.725.2
  • ABFM, American Board of Family Medicine; FP, family physician.

  • Source: ABFM Demographic Survey (2013 to 2017).

  • Sample restricted to FPs in direct patient care.

  • * In 2017, ABFM Diplomates were asked whether they provided adult inpatient care instead of inpatient care in the previous years.