Table 1.

Disease-Modifying Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease in Phase 2 and Phase 3 Clinical Trials

CandidateClinical Trial PhaseExpected Primary Completion DateNational Clinical Trial Identifier
Anti-Aβ antibodies
    GantenerumabPhase 3May-22NCT03443973, NCT03444870
    BAN2401Phase 3Jul-22NCT03887455
    LY3002813Phase 2Oct-20NCT03367403
Anti-tau antibodies
    ABBV-8E12Phase 2Dec-20NCT02880956
    RO7105705Phase 2Sep-20NCT03289143
BACE inhibitors
    Elenbecestat (E2609)Phase 3Jun-21NCT03036280
    CNP520Phase 2/3Jul-24NCT03131453
    CAD106Phase 2/3Aug-24NCT02565511
    AADvac1Phase 2Jun-19NCT02579252
  • Aβ, amyloid-beta; BACE, Beta-secretase.

  • Clinical trial information was obtained from as of June 27, 2019.