Table 1.

Characteristics of Primary Care Patients Who Received an Advance Care Planning Portal-Based Outreach Initiative (n = 105)

CharacteristicN (%)
Age, Mean ± SD77.7 ± 5.9
Female67 (64)
Patient registry
    Cancer41 (39)
    Diabetes18 (17)
    Chronic kidney disease15 (14)
    Congestive heart failure4 (3.8)
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease12 (11)
Value-based payment program
    Comprehensive Primary Care Plus47 (45)
    Medicare Shared Savings Program46 (44)
Advance care planning documentation at baseline
    Living will7 (6.7)
    MOST form13 (12)
    No ACP documents, but has provider documentation of orally appointed decision maker61 (58)
  • ACP, advance care planning; MOST, Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment; SD, standard deviation.