Table 2.

Multivariable Regression Predicting Physicians Routinely Engaging Older and Sicker Patients in Advance Care Planning, Using Binary PCMH Variable*

VariableOdds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP value
Practice is APCP/PCMH (binary variable)1.00(0.72–1.49).99
Age 45+1.22(0.87–1.72).25
Consider work high stress0.99(0.74–1.32).94
Practice location
    Small town0.98(0.65–1.48).94
Practice belongs to an ACO1.14(0.82–1.57).43
Physician payment
    Clinical targets1.42(1.041.94).03
    CMS incentives1.18(0.87–1.60).28
    Fee for service1.14(0.73–1.78).57
Practice often sees patients with:
    Multiple chronic conditions11.53(5.6723.42)<.001
    Palliative care needs2.36(1.653.36)<.001
Practice does home visits2.12(1.562.88)<.001
  • APCP, advanced primary care; PCMH, patient centered medical home; ACO, accountable care organization.

  • * N = 977. Values imputed when absent.

  • Bolded items and values are statistically significant.