Table 3.

Projected Impact of Diagnostic Testing on Demand for Specialty Evaluation

Test for MCI Due to ADFalse Positives (in Millions)True Positives (in Millions)Number of Patients Requiring Specialty Referral (in Millions)Proportion of Referred Patients with Confirmed MCI Due to AD
MMSE + plasma Aβ5.25.310.451%
MoCA + plasma Aβ4.25.49.656%
  • Aβ, amyloid-beta; AD, Alzheimer disease; MCI, mild cognitive impairment; MMSE, mini-mental state exam; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

  • Patients with MCI due to AD have both MCI and evidence of Aβ deposition in the brain. We estimated that 10.7 million people in the 55+-year-old population in the United States in 2020 will have MCI. Of these, 6.6 million will also have evidence of Aβ deposition.