Table 4.

Multivariable Regression of Advance Care Planning Conversations, Including the APCP Index*

VariableOdds Ratio95% Confidence IntervalP value
APCP index1.07(1.051.09).00
Age 45+1.26(0.89–1.79).20
Considering work high stress1.06(0.79–1.42).70
Practice location
    Small town0.94(0.62–1.43).78
Practice belongs to an ACO0.96(0.69–1.33).81
Physician payment
    Clinical targets1.15(0.83–1.59).40
    CMS incentives0.94(0.69–1.29).71
    Fee for service1.16(0.73–1.82).53
Practice often sees patients with:
    Multiple chronic conditions9.95(4.87–20.34).00
    Palliative care needs2.03(1.412.93).00
Practice does home visits2.01(1.472.75).00
  • APCP, advanced primary care. ACO, accountable care organization.

  • * N = 977. Values imputed when absent.

  • Bolded items and values are statistically significant.