Table 1.

Responses to a Survey of Primary Care Provider Perceptions of Hair Care Maintenance as a Barrier to Increased Physical Activity in African American Women

Question and Response Category (Total N = 62)Response, N (%)
Respondent level of training/profession
    PGY-17 (12)
    PGY-27 (12)
    PGY-35 (8)
    Attending/faculty31 (52)
    NP10 (17)
Respondent ethnicity
    Caucasian40 (65)
    Black/African American10 (16)
    African0 (0)
    Hispanic/Latino0 (0)
    Other9 (14)
    Prefer not to answer3 (5)
Percent of patients who are AA women
    15% or less17 (29)
    16% to 30%17 (29)
    Greater than 30%24 (42)
How often do you discuss strategies to increase physical activity/exercise with your AA female patients?
    Never1 (2)
    Seldom2 (3)
    Sometimes19 (30)
    Often40 (65)
How often have you commented on hairstyling and hair maintenance in your discussion regarding increasing physical activity/exercise with AA women?
    Never47 (76)
    Some of the time12 (19)
    Most of the time3 (5)
    All of the time0 (0)
Which of the following are moderate or major barriers between AA women and the pursuit to increase activity/exercise?
Moderate/Major Barrier
    Mood/Mental health49 (80)
    Location of gyms48 (78)
    Education level35 (57)
    Transportation27 (45)
    Cost of hair maintenance22 (38)
    Scalp perspiration18 (30)
Discussing hair maintenance strategies with AA women may help to increase their frequency of physical activity/exercise.
    Agree19 (31)
    Somewhat agree18 (29)
    Neutral19 (31)
    Somewhat disagree4 (6)
    Disagree2 (3)
I feel comfortable discussing haircare maintenance strategies with AA females.
    Agree14 (23)
    Somewhat agree7 (11)
    Neutral4 (6)
    Somewhat disagree12 (19)
    Disagree24 (40)
  • NP, Nurse Practitioner. PGY, postgraduate year; AA, African American.