Table 1.

Stakeholder Listening Session Discussion Guide

Part 1: Quality Improvement and Research Assessment
1. What are the most important health and health care delivery issues that face providers, health systems, community members, and local organizations in your service area
2. What efforts/projects are underway currently to work on improving outcomes in these areas?
3. What types of projects or efforts do you wish were underway in your community? What types of projects are priorities for the future for your primary care association or center?
4. How might SERCN best help with the implementation, dissemination, or funding of projects underway in your state?
5. How are patient values and community values currently incorporated in to designing ways to look at and solve issues around health and health care delivery in your community/practice site/organization?
6. Are there important stakeholders in your service areas who do not currently have a voice in efforts to improve health or health care delivery? How could this be different or more inclusive?
7. What is the biggest barrier you face to participating in quality improvement or patient centered research? What might be done to break down these barriers?
Part 2: Educational and Reciprocal Needs
1. What are some key educational and continuing education needs of your organization or members that SERCN might meet?
2. What would be the best venue to meet those needs?
3. What other services could SERCN offer that would help build a reciprocal relationship between our organizations? (inclusion on projects, continuing education, conferences, technical support) What would that look like?
  • SERCN, southeast regional clinicians network.