Table 1.

Clinic Characteristics and Multivariable Analyses of Patient Perceptions of Access to Routine Care (n = 994)

Clinic CharacteristicsMean (SD)
    Patient perception of access to routine care (%)51.9 (13.7)
    Use of telephone visits (% of visits completed by telephone)27.8 (11.5)
    Clinic wait time (average patient wait time in days)3.9 (3.2)
    Rurality (% of rural patients)52.9 (37.2)
Multivariable analyses of patient perceptions of access to routine care*Β
    Clinic rurality0.046
    Clinic wait time−0.009
    Use of telephone visits0.118
    Clinic wait time × rurality (2-way interaction)−0.012
    Rurality × use of telephone visits (2-way interaction)−0.151
    Clinic wait time × use of telephone visits (2-way interaction)−0.041
    Clinic wait time × rurality clinic × use of telephone visits (3-way interaction)0.071
  • * Model adjusted for clinic type (outpatient clinic vs. medical center), average panel size, and panel severity (average comorbidity score).

  • P < .05.

  • SD, standard deviation.