Table 2.

Illustrative Quotes from COCONet Stakeholder Interviews on Priority Issues in Pediatric Health

Topic AreaSubtopicQuote
Pediatric health issuesImmunization refusals“Your decision about immunization has ripple impacts on other children.” –Parent
Mental health“There is a gigantic void and I think we don't address mental health.”–Parent
“Like I said earlier, I have a friend with really bad social anxiety and it's bad enough to the point where if they're around more than three or four people that they know, they disappear to themselves. They don't speak. I just feel like other health topics than ADD or depression should be touched on in schools.” - Adolescent
Obesity, food, and nutrition“How can we get kids involved, get them healthy, before obesity becomes an issue?” - Parent
Sexual health“…getting [data] into the hands of parents to ensure age appropriate sexual health education is going on.”–Provider
“… there should be more education for everyone about birth control 'cause I don't know a lot of guys that know things about birth control.”–Adolescent
Drug and substance use/abuse“… since the legalization of marijuana anecdotally it seems like there is easier access to pot by kids”–Provider
“You always hear, “Don't do drugs. Don't do it.” But you never hear, “This is why you don't want to do it.” […] they should explain to you why.”–Adolescent
Health care systemCare coordination“I think it's always a struggle in a complex system like we've built.”–Child Health Advocate
Patient-provider relationships“It's just really important to us to have communication going between parents and the doctor.”–Parent
“every time I went to the doctor, it was a different doctor, so I never really was able to get a connection with my doctor,”–Adolescent
Provider-to-provider communication“There needs to be more collaboration.”–Provider
Access/availability of care“There's not a pediatric provider within the county.”–Parent
“[There should be] health care and all those kinds of things accessible to kids who don't have the kind of parents who can afford it, free or at school or something or based on donations.”–Adolescent
Early childhood education“It goes back to parent education about developmental milestones.”–Provider
Parent education on child health“Parenting doesn't come with a guidebook,' but maybe it could, a little bit more.”–Parent
Emerging research questionsHow can parents be better advocates for their child's health in the health care setting? (Or teens for their own health?)“How are they [parents] supposed to be effective advocates for their kid?”–Parent
How can we improve the doctor-patient relationship in pediatric settings? Does this improve health outcomes?
  • Data source: Interview transcripts from COCONet stakeholder interviews collected from 2015 to 2016. ADD, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.