Table 2.

SNOCAP Priority Setting Session: Sample Agenda Template (2 hours, 45 minutes total)

30 minutesHistory of past years' priority topics (if applicable).
10 minutesShare information about how priority topic list was created.
• This will be determined at the PBRN level for how topics will be collected.
20 minutesNarrow list of priority topics.
• Gather all topics of priority in one list (topics gathered via survey, GIS mapping, in-person polling, etc., based on PBRN preference).
• All priority topics written on flip charts around room.
• Give each participant 2 colored dots, instruct them to place their stickers on their top 2 topics of priority.
• This will help facilitators visually determine top priority areas: count up number of stickers per topic.
• Facilitators to share top priority topics, introduce to the larger group.
10 minutesIntroduce facilitation method of choice.
5 minutes[If you chose to split the larger group so groups are more random] Split into assigned groups, introduce each other.
45 to 60 minutesWork through facilitated discussion of choice.
15 minutesRecap of discussions.
15 minutesNext steps, how PBRN will follow-up, and farewell.
  • SNOCAP, state networks of colorado ambulatory practices and partners consortium; PBRN, practice-based research networks; GIS, geographic information system.