Table 2.

SERCN Stakeholder-Defined Research Agenda: Key Priority Areas and Populations

1. Support health center infrastructure, sustainability, and mission to improve health outcomes.Staff wellbeing and retention
Workforce development
Strive for unified standard of care
2. Measure the FQHC impact on broad economic, health, and utilization outcomes.Test meaningful outcome measures
Whole person outcomes
Leverage socioeconomic strengths of FQHCs
Explore return on investment of FQHCs
3. Prioritize work that is meaningful to patients and communities.Focus on system navigation and care transitions
Link with community organizations
Prioritize projects that address care of the whole person
4. Support streamlining data infrastructure in FQHCs.Align research with existing quality measures
Support autonomy of FQHCs to drive unified quality measures across payors
SERCN should be aware of current quality and data priorities in the network
5. Mental and behavioral health integration in the primary care safety net setting.Specific focus on substance use disorder treatment and prevention
6. Study and test care delivery models for medically and socially complex populations.Chronic disease management
Self-management and adherence
Standardized care to promote equity
Translate lessons from practice to support evidence
  • FQHC, federally qualified health center; SERCN, southeast regional clinicians network.