Table 1.

SNOCAP Advisory Groups, History, Membership, and Staffing

SNOCAP NetworkAdvisory Group NamePractice Type/ LocationPBRN FoundedYear Advisory Group StartedMembers in Advisory GroupStaffing
HPRNC.A.C.Rural; Eastern Colorado1997200315 + 5 staffDirector, co-director, plus 3 local practice facilitators/ liaisons
CaReNetPACFederally Qualified Health Centers and Family Medicine Residency Locations; front range and San Luis Valley1998200413 + 3 staffDirector, co-director, coordinator
COCONetNABPediatric and child health focused practices; statewide2011201613 + 2 staffDirector, associate director
PEACHnetRABRural; Western Colorado20172019Up to 10 members recruited in 2019 + 2 staffDirector, professional research assistant
  • C. A. C., Community Advisory Council; CaReNet, Colorado Research Network; COCONet, Colorado Children's Outcomes Network; HPRN, High Plains Research Network; NAB, Network Advisory Board; PAC, Patient Advisory Council; PBRN, Practice-based Research Network; PEACHnet, Partners Engaged in Achieving Change in Health; RAB, Regional Advisory Board; SNOCAP, State Networks of Colorado Ambulatory Practices and Partners.