Patient-Team Partnership Outcome Scales, Corresponding Practice Survey and Practice Member Survey Questions and Response Options

ScaleSurvey QuestionsResponse Options
Practice-level patient-team partnership scale- A system has been implemented for including patient and family input in ongoing improvement activities (such as patient advisory groups or patients or family members on quality improvement teams).1–Not at all
- A patient experience survey is used regularly (monthly or quarterly) to monitor practice performance.2
- Patients and families are actively linked with community resources to assist with their self-management goals.3
- Our practice has the capacity to link patients to community resources to address social determinants of health (such as housing, food security, transportation, legal assistance, help with paying bills, personal safety).4
- Patients and families are provided with tools and resources to help them engage in the management of their health between visits.5–Completely
Member-level patient-team partnership scale- Our practice does a good job of assessing patient needs and expectations.1–Strongly disagree
5–Strongly agree
- Our practice uses data from patients to improve care.
- Our practice uses data on patient expectations and/or experience when developing new services.
- How often does your practice currently ask patients about unmet social needs that can affect their health, such as housing, food security, childcare, transportation, legal assistance, or help with paying bills?1–Never
- At this moment, how confident are you in your practice's ability to link patients with unmet social needs to resources in the community?1–Not at all confident
2–Somewhat not confident
3–Somewhat confident
4–Very confident