Table 1.

Clinician Knowledge of Prediabetes Diagnosis and Treatment at an Academic Family Medicine Practice

Prediabetes QuestionCorrect AnswerAnswered Correctly (N = 31)
Fasting glucose range indicative of prediabetes100 to 125 mg/dL2921 (67.7%)
Hemoglobin A1c range indicative of prediabetes5.7 to 6.4%2930 (96.8%)
It is recommended that prediabetics lose what proportion of their starting weight?5% to 7%2910 (32.3%)
How much physical activity per week should be recommended for patients with prediabetes, assuming they have no other health issues?75 minutes vigorous; 150 minutes moderate2921 (67.7%)
How often should you routinely screen for diabetes?Every three years26,2912 (38.7%)