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How does having MTM available to you affect your day-to-day work?
  • What are some of the advantages of having MTM available to you?

  • What are some of the disadvantages or limitations of MTM?

  • What value, if any, does MTM bring to your work as a provider?

  • How did you decide on where you placed the notecards?

  • Are there additional notecards that aren't here that should be?

  • If so, how does the MTM service affect those functions?

We have some notecards here with some common clinical functions or clinical descriptions.* What we'd like you to do is place these notecards on the 0 to 10 scale we gave you–a 10 means having MTM available greatly affects what's on the notecard and a 1 means MTM has no effect. There are no right or wrong answers, we're just curious what your perspectives are.
We all know that day-to-day tasks can affect professional satisfaction. Professional satisfaction is often driven by the ability to provide quality care and “includes a high level of [provider] work life satisfaction, a low level of burnout, and a feeling that medical practice is fulfilling.” How does having MTM at your clinic positively and/or negatively affect your professional satisfaction?
For example, conversations about medication management may improve some PCP's satisfaction due to their interest in the subject matter, but may decrease some PCP's satisfaction due to the time these conversations take away from their other day-to-day tasks.
  • What are the specific aspects of MTM that affect your job satisfaction?

  • Are there things MTM is not doing, but could do to increase satisfaction? If so, what?

Now we would like to talk a little bit about burnout.
  • What are the specific aspects of MTM that affect burnout for you?

How has having MTM at your clinic positively and/or negatively affected burnout.
  • Are there things about MTM that could be changed to decrease feelings of burnout? If so, what?

Are there any additional things that you would like to share about MTM services and how the presence of these services affect you and the service you provide to patients?
Additional questions if time allows…
Suppose you were in charge of the MTM service and could do whatever you wanted to so that MTM reduced PCP burnout. What would you change?
  • [If administrative tasks are brought up]: Let's say we have a pharmacy technician who can complete those administrative tasks. What else would you change?

  • Notecards read:

    • Gathering and reviewing information for my patients

    • Recommending and discussing treatment options with my patients

    • Documenting my patient visits

    • Communicating with my patients

    • Working towards and achieving the clinic's quality improvement initiatives with my patients

    • Payment the clinic receives for my patients (e.g. RVUs I bill)

    • Other _______(please fill in the blank)