Table 2.

Comparison of Continuous Abstinence Rate and 7-Day Point Prevalence of Abstinence in the Two Groups

OutcomeEC GroupNG GroupCrude P ValueAdjusted P Value*
CAR at 9 to 12 week, (%)45.346.7.870.947
CAR at 9 to 24 week, (%)21.328.0.344.291
7-day PP of abstinence at 12 week, (%)65.366.7.863.602
7-day PP of abstinence at 24 week, (%)22.729.3.352.365
  • EC, electronic cigarette; NG, nicotine gum; CAR, continuous abstinence rates; PP, point prevalence.

  • * Adjusted for confounding baseline factors, such as age and total smoking amount, i.e., pack-year smoked.