Table 1.

Characteristics and Outcome Scale Scores of 207 Small- and Medium-Sized Primary Care Practices in Colorado and New Mexico That Participated in EvidenceNOW Southwest Cardiovascular Care Improvement Initiative, Gathered using Practice- and Employee-Level Surveys upon Practice Enrollment, December 2015 through November 2017

CharacteristicsEvidenceNOW Southwest Initiative (N = 207 Practices) Mean (SD) or %
Practice survey items–patient-team partnership
    Patient and family input.2.3 (1.5)
    Patient experience survey.3.4 (1.6)
    Link patients to community resources for self-management.3.1 (1.3)
    Link patients to community resources to address social determinants.3.1 (1.4)
Provide patients with tools and resources to manage health.3.5 (1.1)
Patient-team partnership scale (α = 0.82)51.5 (26.1)
Practice member survey items–patient-team partnership
    Good job of assessing patient needs and expectations.3.1 (0.7)
    Data from patients to improve care.3.0 (0.8)
    Data on patient experience when developing new services.2.9 (0.8)
    Ask patients about unmet social needs.2.6 (1.1)
    Link patients with unmet social needs to community resources.2.6 (1.1)
Practice member patient-team partnership scale (α = 0.81)71.2 (17.1)
    Practice member patient-team partnership scale–clinicians66.2 (17.6)
    Practice member patient-team partnership scale–staff73.2 (16.6)
Practice member patient-team partnership scale–[role not provided]66.8 (16.2)
    Hospital/academic center15.6%
    Federally Qualified Health Center/rural36.5%
Practice Size: Number of Providers
    2 to 560.5%
    6 to 1016.6%
Payer mix
    Percent Medicaid27.4 (22.1)
    Percent Medicare18.7 (14.0)
    Percent uninsured11.2 (13.9)
    Percent commercial payer37.6 (25.2)
Accountable care organization membership
Patient registries
    Number of registries2.9 (2.4)
    Any registry67.8%
Use of clinical guidelines
        Number of guidelines1.8 (1.4)
        No guidelines16.6%
        Number of guidelines1.7 (1.4)
        No guidelines18.5%
Geographic area
Other characteristics
    PCMH recognized44.6%
    Medically underserved45.0%
Practice member characteristics
        Clinician (physician or advanced practice provider)24.1%
            Role not provided3.2%
    Years at practice (mean)5.1 (6.0)
        1 to 227.7%
        3 to 522.9%
        6 to 1016.2%
    Hours per week38.9 (8.7)
  • SD, standard deviation; PCMH, patient-centered medical home.