Table 3.

Distribution of Child BMI Categories by Likely Parental Diabetes Prevention Program Eligibility*

Child BMI CategoryParent EligibleParent IneligibleP Value§
N = 356N = 3,532
Under/normal weight, % (BMI-for-age <85th percentile)65.675.2<0.01
Overweight, % (BMI-for-age ≥85th and <95th percentile)14.613.8
Obese, % (BMI-for-age ≥95th percentile)19.811.0
  • * Eligibility determined by parental weight status and self-report of history of prediabetes or gestational diabetes; % represents column distribution.

  • Unweighted N, representing 1,297,367 weighted individuals.

  • Unweighted N, representing 12,262,169 weighted individuals.

  • § From Pearson's χ2 analysis.

  • BMI, body mass index.