Table 4.

Final Multivariate Regression Models of Patient-Team Partnership Outcome Scale Scores and Characteristics of Practices Participating in EvidenceNOW Southwest Cardiovascular Care Improvement Initiative

Coefficient (SE)Probability > t
Practice-level patient-team partnership scale
    Intercept23.46 (3.02)<.0001*
    Any registry15.72 (3.44)<.0001*
    Designated underserved15.49 (3.03)<.0001*
    Multispecialty practice6.87 (3.18).0320*
    Number of guidelines for cardiovascular disease management4.55 (1.17).0001*
Member-level patient-team partnership scale
    Intercept57.37 (1.54)<.0001*
        Staff6.31 (0.85)<.0001*
        Role not provided−0.82 (6.22).8952
    Designated underserved5.44 (1.33)<.0001*
    Any registry5.19 (1.60).0012*
    Number of guidelines for cardiovascular disease management1.46 (0.49).0030*
    Years at practice−0.14 (0.07).0378*
  • * P < .05.

  • SD, standard deviation; PCMH, patient-centered medical home; SE, standard error.