Table 1.

The Three Most Frequently Read Articles in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 2018, Volume 31, By Issue

January/February 2018
    1. Hurley LP, Allison MA, Pilishvili T, et al. Primary care physicians' struggle with current adult pneumococcal vaccine recommendations. Original Research:
    2. Sattler A, Rydel T, Nguyen C, Lin S. One year of family physicians' observations on working with medical scribes. Original Research:
    3. Salvatore M, Ishikawa G, Padilla M. Is it idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or not? Clinical Review:
March/April 2018
    1. Allen SM, Mookadam F, Cha SS, Freeman JA, Starling AJ, Mookadam M. Greater occipital nerve block for acute treatment of migraine headache: a large retrospective cohort study. Original Research:
    2. Johnson D, Mead R, Kennelty K, Hahn D. Menthol cough drops: cause for concern? Original Research:
    3. Peterson LE, Fang B, Puffer JC, Bazemore AW. Wide gap between preparation and scope of practice of early career family physicians. Policy Brief:
May/June 2018
    1. Liddy C, Keely E. Using the quadruple aim framework to measure impact of health technology implementation: a case study of eConsult. Original Research:
    2. Tong ST, Liaw WR, Lail Kashiri P, et al. Clinician experiences with screening for social needs in primary care. Original Research:
    3. Kato E, Borsky AE, Zuvekas SH, Soni A, Ngo-Metzger Q. Missed opportunities for depression screening and treatment in the United States. Original Research:
July/August 2018
    1. Blechter B, Jiang N, Cleland C, Berry C, Ogedegbe O, Shelley D. Correlates of burnout in small independent primary care practices in an urban setting. Original Research:
    2. Williams AS, Ge B, Petroski G, Kruse RL, McElroy JA, Koopman RJ. Socioeconomic status and other factors associated with childhood obesity. Original Research:
    3. Kaplan AC, Carson MP. Diagnosing meat allergy after tick bite without delay. Brief Report:
September/October 2018
    1. Blasi PR, Cromp D, McDonald S, et al. Approaches to behavioral health integration at high performing primary care practices. Original Research:
    2. Hanba C, Hanba D. Opioid and drug prevalence in Top 40's music: a 30 year review. Original Research:
    3. Chang L, Wanner KJ, Kovalsky D, Smith KL, Rhodes KV. “It's really overwhelming”: patient perspectives on care coordination. Original Research:
November/December 2018
    1. Peabody MR, Eden AR, Douglas M, Phillips RL. Board certified family physician workforce: progress in racial and ethnic diversity. Policy Brief:
    2. Mutter JB, Liaw W, Moore MA, Etz RS, Howe A, Bazemore A. Core principles to improve primary care quality management. Health Policy:
    3. Peters JL, Durand WM, Monteiro KA, Dumenco L, George P. Opioid overdose hospitalizations among Medicare-disability beneficiaries. Original Research:
  • Source: Content usage statistics for the JABFM, January 2018 through December 2018, HighWire Press. Accessed February 20, 2019. Rankings are updated monthly and based on ‘hits’ received by articles archived on the JABFM website only.