Table 2.

Quality Improvement Process Measures by Ownership Type*

MeasureObservationsPhysician-Owned PracticesHealth System/Medical Group PracticesFQHC Practices
ValueValueDifference (95% CI)P ValueValueDifference (95% CI)P Value
Quality-aligned care delivery processes
    Discuss clinical quality data (Values showing %)98927.944.316.4 (4.2 to 24.6).00156.728.8 (16.0 to 41.6)<.001
    Have someone configuring/writing quality reports (Values showing %)86864.279.114.9 (2.7 to 25.4).0191.527.3 (14.2 to 38.9)<.001
    Produced CQM reports in last six months (Values showing %)83269.477.88.4 (−15.9 to 22.4).4394.324.9 (9.3 to 40.0).002
    Use at least one registry§ (Values showing %)94061.167.56.4 (−16.5 to 25.1).5983.122.0 (14.2 to 32.9)<.001
    Use of empanelment (Values showing %)92973.188.014.9 (6.2 to 20.8)<.00181.88.7 (1.6 to 18.9).04
    CVD prevention guidelines included in EHR prompts or standing orders (Values showing %)94660.265.35.1 (−14.3 to 21.9).6176.616.4 (7.7 to 28.0).002
    CVD management guidelines included in EHR prompts or standing orders (Values showing %)94657.061.54.5 (−15.4 to 21.5).6670.713.7 (3.3 to 27.3).03
    Score for CVD improvement being a priority is 8 to 10 out of 10 (Values showing %)92965.256.78.5 (−20.2 to 3.8).1660.25.0 (−22.9 to 12.0).57
Change management processes
    CPCQ strategies score (Values showing mean)78510.28.61.6 (−8.5 to 2.8)>.998.91.3 (−4.1 to 1.4)>.99
    Number of practices (Values showing numbers)989526253210
  • * Based on practice surveys and practice members surveys of practices participating in EvidenceNOW, collected between October 2015 and April 2017).

  • The column “Observations” shows the number of practices with an observed value for the respective measure.

  • CQM reports refers to the following clinical quality measures: percentage of patients aged 18 years and older with ischemic vascular disease with documented use of aspirin or other antithrombotic (NQF 0068), percentage of patients aged 18 through 85 years of age who had a diagnosis of hypertension and whose blood pressure was adequately controlled (<140/90) during the measurement year (NQF 0018), and percentage of patients aged 18 years or older who were screened about tobacco use one or more times within 24 months and who received cessation counseling intervention if identified as a tobacco user (NQF 0028).

  • § Use of registry refers to the following patients: ischemic vascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, prevention services, and high risk (high use) patients.

  • The CPCQ score is based on fourteen measures of strategies to improve cardiovascular preventive care; see text and Appendix A for details.

  • FQHC, federally qualified health center; CI, confidential interval; CQM, clinical quality measures; CVD, cardiovascular disease; EHR, electronic health records; CPCQ, Change Process Capability questionnaire.