Table 2.

Body Mass Index Knowledge of Survey Patients*

BMI Knowledge2013 Survey2017 SurveyP Value
What does BMI stand for?
BMI is related to what medical concern?50.765.50.0005
A BMI of 25 or greater means…18.323.70.12
A BMI of 30 or greater means…
A BMI of 40 or greater means…14.520.60.06
Do you know what your BMI is?19.418.20.73
Have you heard of BMI before this survey?63.371.40.04
Has your doctor ever discussed BMI with you20.128.70.02
  • BMI, body mass index.

  • * Data are percentage choosing the correct answer or answering “yes” to the question.

  • χ2 comparison of responses of BMI knowledge questions between patients from 2013 and patients from 2017.