Table 1.

Approaches to Implementing Self-Management Support for Type 2 Diabetes—Program Elements across Project Arms (2012–2018)

Program ElementSMS-EDCTHCTH + F
CTH computerized intervention programNoYesYes
Technical assistance with CTH implementationNoYesYes
Basic instructions on use of CTHNoYesYes
Assessment of baseline SMS and diabetes care activitiesYesYesYes
Feedback of assessment and recommendations for practiceNoNoYes
SMS education sessions with practiceYesYesYes
Website with SMS resourcesYesYesYes
Practice facilitation:NoNoYes
    Improvement team meetings: 4 over approximately 3 months.
    Workflow revision to implement CTH
    Email contacts, other assistance between improvement team meetings and after 3 months as needed
    Ongoing feedback of data regarding CTH usage
  • CTH, Connection to Health; CTH + PF, Connection to Health with Practice Facilitation; SMS, self-management support; SMS-ED, self-management support education.