Table 2.

The 20 Most Frequently Read Articles in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine in 2018, 1988 to 2018, Volumes 1 to 31

1. Ely JW, Osheroff JA, Chambliss ML, Ebell MH. Approach to leg edema of unclear etiology. Evidence-Based Clinical Medicine:
2. Mork AA, Haufe SMW, Yancey WB. Sometimes (what seems to be) a heart attack is (really) a pain in the neck. Brief Report:
3. McDonald MH, Hoffman MR, Gentry LR. When is fluid in the mastoid cells a worrisome finding? Brief Report:
4. Panjwani S. Early diagnosis and treatment of discoid lupus erythematosus. Brief Report:
5. Barnes MG, Ledford C, Hogan K. A “needling” problem: shoulder injury related to vaccine administration. Brief Report:
6. Ely JW, Kennedy CM, Clark EC, Bowdler NC. Abnormal uterine bleeding: a management algorithm. Evidence-Based Clinical Medicine:
7. Derby R, Rohal P, Jackson C, Beutler A, Olsen C. Novel treatment of onychomycosis using over-the-counter mentholated ointment: a clinical case series. Original Research:
8. Kalichman L, Vulfsons S. Dry needling in the management of musculoskeletal pain. Clinical Review:
9. Leung L. Cannabis and its derivatives: Review of medical use. Special Communication:
10. Kerr PL, Muehlenkamp JJ, Turner JM. Nonsuicidal self-injury: a review of current research for family medicine and primary care physicians. Clinical Review:
11. DeFroda SF, Lamin E, Gil JA, Sindhu K, Ritterman S. Antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with a history of total joint replacement. Clinical Review:
12. Kulie T, Groff A, Redmer J, Hounshell J, Schrager S. Vitamin D: an evidence-based review. Evidence-Based Clinical Medicine:
13. Saliba W, El-Haddad B. Secondary hyperparathyroidism: pathophysiology and treatment. Clinical Review:
14. Matheson EM, King DE, Everett CJ. Healthy lifestyle habits and mortality in overweight and obese individuals. Original Research:
15. Sloane PD, Baldwin R, Montgomery R, Hargett F, Hartzema A. Left-sided leg edema of the elderly: a common variant of the iliac compression syndrome. Original Research:
16. Krivoshto IN, Richards JR, Albertson TE, Derlet RW. The toxicity of diesel exhaust: implications for primary care. Clinical Review:
17. Chien AL, Qi J, Rainer B, Sachs DL, Helfrich YR. Treatment of acne in pregnancy. Clinical Review:
18. Holve RL, Barkan H. Oral steroids in initial treatment of acute sciatica. Brief Report:
19. Chauhan B, Panchal P, Szabo E, Wilkins T. Split peroneus brevis tendon: an unusual cause of ankle pain and instability. Brief Report:
20. Leung L, Riutta T, Kotecha J, Rosser W. Chronic constipation: an evidence-based review. Clinical Review:
  • Source: Content usage statistics for the JABFM, January 2018 through December 2018, HighWire Press. Accessed February 20, 2019. Rankings are updated monthly and based on ‘hits’ received by articles archived on the JABFM Web site only.