Appendix B.

Multivariate Logistic Regression Results for Odds of All-Cause 30-Day Readmission, Regressed on Receipt of Timely Outpatient Follow-Up of the Uninsured Adults with Mental Health Conditions Who Were Enrolled in the Low-Income Health Program in San Diego County from 2012 to 2013, Based on Enrollment and Claims Data

ResultOdds RatioP valueCI
Timely outpatient follow-up after index admission0.79.022[0.65, 0.97]
Length of stay of index admission1.06.044[1.00, 1.11]
Length of stay of index admission–quadratic term1.00.054[1.00, 1.00]
Chronic illness and disability payment system risk score1.16.000[1.08, 1.25]
Female (ref. male)0.80.101[0.62, 1.04]
Age group (ref. 18 to 34)
    35 to 440.95.788[0.68, 1.34]
    45 to 540.89.530[0.60, 1.30]
    55 to 650.88.533[0.58, 1.33]
Total duration of enrollment before index admission0.97.000[0.95, 0.98]
Index admission was surgical (ref. medical)0.89.604[0.56, 1.40]
Number of evaluation and management visits 6 months prior to index admission1.09.053[1.00, 1.18]
Number of emergency department visits six months prior to index admission1.34.001[1.13, 1.58]
Substance abuse1.59.009[1.12, 1.27]
Depression1.10.370[0.89, 1.37]
Schizophrenia1.08.714[0.72, 1.60]
Bipolar disorder1.12.523[0.79, 1.60]
Race (ref. white)
African American0.75.031[0.57, 0.97]
Latino0.98.858[0.76, 1.26]
Asian American0.47.059[0.22, 1.03]
Other2.83.118[0.77, 10.44]
Missing1.02.913[0.73, 1.41]
Constant for outpatient visit model0.110.000[−2.97, −1.43]
  • CI, confidential interval.