Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics of Body Mass Index Survey Patients

Characteristic2013 Survey (n = 345)2017 Survey (n = 228)P Value*
Age (mean ± standard deviation, years)49.6 ± 16.749.0 ± 18.00.79
Sex (%)0.003
Calculated BMI based on self-reported height and weight (mean ± standard deviation)29.0± 7.130.4 ± 7.30.04
Weight status based on BMI calculated from self-reported height and weight (%)0.09
    Under weight (<18.5)2.30
    Normal weight (18.5 to 24.9)27.024.0
    Over weight (25 to 29.9)31.331.7
    Obese (≥30)39.444.3
Presence of self-reported comorbid conditions (%)
    Diabetes mellitus14.519.30.13
    Sleep apnea9.912.70.29
  • BMI, body mass index.

  • * Comparisons of demographic characteristics between the patients in 2013 and the patients in 2017 using Mann-Whitney U test for continuous variables (age and calculated BMI) or χ2 test for categorical variables (sex, BMI group, and presence of comorbid conditions).