Table 1.

Baseline Practice Characteristics from 36 Primary Care Practices in Colorado and Northern California; Data Collected from 12/2013 to 9/2015

VariablesMean (SD) or %Minimum, Maximum
Number of clinicians6.86 (3.95)2, 16
Specialty (% FM alone)63.9%
Type of practice organization (CHC vs other)75.0%
Number of patients with type 2 diabetes508 (369)60, 1542
Percentage of diabetic patients with HgA1c >926.7 (8.8)4.3, 46.0
Percentage Medicaid38.3 (20.2)0, 70.0
Percentage uninsured27.0 (8.8)0.9, 56.0
Percentage rural location27.8
Percentage care manager present27.8
Ongoing Quality improvement team meets regularly, with or without outside assistance89.9%
NCQA PCMH recognition66.7%
  • FM, family medicine; CHC, Community Health Center; NCQA, National Committee for Quality Assurance; PCMH, Patient-Centered Medical Home; SD, standard deviation.