Table 2.

Baseline Practice Member Surveys from 36 Primary Care Practices in Colorado and Northern California; Data Collected from 12/2013 to 9/2015

Name of SurveyMeasureItemsMean (SD)
Practice MonitorPatient SMS (overall score)65.7 (20.9)
SMS individual items (0 to 5 range)System implemented for identifying patient needs for assistance with psychosocial issues, health behavior change, and managing chronic illness3.45 (1.19)
System implemented for assisting patients with developing shared care plans with specific goals and action plans for health behavior change and management of chronic illness3.25 (1.25)
Shared care plans are developed collaboratively with patients and families3.14 (1.30)
Care plans and action plans are regularly reviewed to monitor patient progress in accomplishing goals3.11 (1.30)
Patients and families are actively linked with community resources to assist with their self-management goals3.20 (1.25)
Patients and families are provided with tools and resources to help them engage in the management of their health between office visits3.40 (1.21)
There is a care manager or other staff members in the practice trained to assist patients and families in health behavior change and chronic disease management3.43 (1.45)
Practice Culture AssessmentChange Culture64.0 (18.9)
Practice Culture AssessmentWork Culture63.8 (18.4)
Practice Culture AssessmentChaos43.5 (18.5)
  • N = 716 staff and clinicians. SD, standard deviation; SMS, self-management support.