Table 1.

Sample Characteristics of the Uninsured Adults with Mental Health Conditions Who Were Enrolled in the Low-Income Health Program in San Diego County from 2012 to 2013, Based on Enrollment and Claims Data

CharacteristicOverallHad 15-Day Follow-Up VisitDid Not Have 15-Day Follow-Up VisitHad 30-Day ReadmissionDid Not Have 30-Day Readmission
Sample size (n)1,9057961,1092511,654
Had 15-day outpatient follow-up visit (%)423743
Had 30-day readmission (%)131214
Utilization within six months prior to index admission
Average number of evaluation and management visits0.660.790.560.700.65
Average number of emergency department visits0.370.380.360.500.34
Index admission was medical (vs. surgical) (%)6767666966
Index admission was surgical (vs. medical) (%)3333343134
Average number of months enrolled prior to index admission13.2513.6112.9911.9213.45
Severity indicators
Length of stay of index admission in days4.654.694.625.584.51
CDPS risk score1.932.031.852.141.89
Substance abuse (%)5650607054
Depression (%)5556545754
Schizophrenia (%)1210131411
Bipolar Disorder (%)4446424843
Demographics (%)
Age (%)
    18 to 341612201916
    35 to 441818192018
    45 to 544141414041
    55 to 652430212125
Race/Ethnicity (%)
    African American9711710
    Asian American/Pacific Islander45425
  • CDPS (Chronic Illness and Disability Payment System) measures severity based on utilization of services with a combination of acute and chronic diagnoses.