Table 1.

Characteristics of Pair-Matched Practices, Based on Clinician Survey Responses

Pair MatchPractice Type2013 Locale PopulationPanel SizePts/Day% MedicareReg Use of AD Form% Discuss AD
1FQHC17,140>20001225 to 49N0
1Independent6,027>3000>4050 to 74N1 to 24
2Residency/Corporate610,613>300030 to 3925 to 49N × 2, Y × 11 to 24
2Residency610,613>30004025 to 74Y × 1, N × 41 to 24
3Independent23,400>300010 to 1925 to 49N0
3Independent17,140>300020 to 2950 to 74N1 to 24
  • 2013 Locale Population, based on 2013 data; % Discuss AD: Estimated percent of patients with whom the clinician believes they discuss ADs at baseline; FQHC, Federally Qualified Health Center; pts/day, estimated average number of patients seen per day; % Medicare, estimated percent Medicare-insured patients; Reg Use of AD Form, Does the clinician use an AD form on a regular basis? (Y, yes; N, no, ×# indicates how many clinicians gave this answer).

    AD, Advance Directive.