Table 3.

PCMH-A Scores of Primary and Specialist Canadian HIV Care Settings by Type of Care Settings and Interpretation

DomainPrimary Care (n = 12)Specialist Care (n = 10)InterpretationP-Values for t-Test
MeanSDMeanSDMean Score (/12)Level (A-D)
1: Patient rostering7.982.268.532.468.23B.594
2: Team-based relationships8.612.049.922.159.20B.160
3: Patient-centered interactions7.351.828.532.497.89B.213
4: Engaged leadership8.
5: Quality improvement7.312.257.052.397.19B.794
6: Enhanced access8.112.356.532.407.39B.136
7: Care coordination8.491.438.242.048.37B.743
8: Evidence-based care8.
  • PCMH-A, patient-centered medical home assessment; SD, standard deviation.