Table 3.

History of Atopy and Allergic Comorbidities by Atopic Dermatitis Status*

ComorbidityOverall (n = 652)AD (n = 159)No AD (n = 493)Age-Adjusted Prevalence RatioP value
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CIPRa95% CI
Wheezing without cold6(4–9)9(6–13)5(3–8)1.8(1.1–2.7).011
Wheezing (ever)21(18–23)26(19–33)19(16–22)1.4(1.02–1.9).038
Food allergy4(3–5)8(4–12)2(1–3)3.7(1.5–9.2).005
Family history of atopic condition69(63–75)82(74–90)65(59–71)1.3(1.2–1.4)<.001
Parent with asthma31(25–37)36(28–44)29(24–35)1.2(1.01–1.5).037
  • AD, atopic dermatitis; CI, confidential interval; PR, prevalence ratio.

  • * Percents are marginal predictions and prevalence ratio is the exponentiated coefficient from a log-binomial (relative risk) model for the comorbidity including AD and age (months) as predictors. P values are from the Wald test for AD vs no AD.