Table 2.

Patient-Level Associations With the Number of Requests per Primary Care Visit (N = 1,319 Visits Attended by 1141 Patients)

Patient VariableIncidence Rate Ratio95% CIP Value
Patient age, y1.
Female sex (ref = male)0.990.881.12.93
Race/ethnicity (ref = White)
    Other/multiple races1.
    Decline to state0.930.681.26.64
Education (ref = less than HS)
    High school/GED1.000.741.35.99
    Some college1.000.751.34.98
    College graduate0.990.731.34.94
    Some graduate studies1.040.761.41.81
Marital status (ref = divorced)
    Married or domestic partner0.950.801.14.60
    Member of unmarried couple1.070.851.36.56
    Never married1.020.831.25.83
Self-reported health status (ref = poor)
    Very good0.770.571.04.091
Mental Health Index-
Current smoker (ref = No)1.040.871.24.66
Body mass index, kg/m21.000.991.01.80
Symptom bother/worry1.061.031.08<.001
Medical skepticism1.020.941.11.68
Big 5 Personality Inventory
Life satisfaction1.
Patient satisfaction percentile rank1.
Any prior encounter with visit physician (ref = no)
  • Estimates for covariates that are significantly associated with request number (P < .05) are shown in bold font.

  • CI, confidential interval; GED, general equivalency diploma; HS, high school.