Table 4.

Skin Care Practices by Atopic Dermatitis Status*

Skin Care PracticeOverallADNo ADP value
%(95% CI)%(95% CI)%(95% CI)
Any current moisturizer use (%)78(71–84)90(84–96)74(66–82)<.001
Among current moisturizer users (N)500144356
Where moisturizer applied
    All over body91(88–94)88(81–94)93(90–95).30
    Just to dry, flaky, or red spots9(6–12)13(6–19)7(5–10)
Type of moisturizer(s) used
    Liquid Oil4(3–6)7(3–11)3(2–5).05
    Unspecified lotion or cream32(28–36)38(29–47)29(25–33).022
  • AD, atopic dermatitis; CI, confidential interval.

  • * Percents are mean predictions from a logistic model with age (months) and clustered standard errors to account for correlation between babies from the same clinic. P values are from Wald test for AD vs no AD adjusted for age.

  • Multiple answers possible to type of moisturizer.