Appendix Table 1:

Low Value Care Prevalence Rate and Associated Medicare Spending ($)*

Choosing Wisely InitiativePrevalence Rate (%)No. of Qualifying BeneficiariesNo. of LVC BeneficiariesNo. of LVC EventsMedicare Noninstitutional Part B Spending ($)
Don't image low back pain in 1st 6 weeks14.0291,08140,75347,3573,579,867
Don't get brain imaging for simple syncope7.860,0824,7154,938250,951
Don't DEXA screen for osteoporosis in men younger than 700.8120,91691191648,850
Don't get cardiac screening for low risk, asymptomatic patients3.01,078,84032,67133,860373,649
Don't routinely screen for prostate cancer36.3454,807164,872213,8415,599,381
Don't perform routine pre-op testing before low risk surgical procedures3.1153,0204,7384,89849,463
Don't screen for carotid artery disease in asymptomatic adult2.61,078,84028,05330,9862,808,962
Don't screen cervical cancer for women older than 658.6624,04453,46154,6532,386,114
  • LVC, low value care.

  • * Total number of Medicare beneficiaries in the study sample was 1,078,840. For each Choosing Wisely Initiative, qualifying beneficiaries indicated those Medicare beneficiaries who satisfied the qualifying criteria, as specified in Appendix Table 1, to receive the low value care service. The prevalence rate is a share (%) of qualifying beneficiaries who had received the specified low value care service. As in Schwartz et al.12, for each LVC service type, multiple LVC services that occurred the same day were considered one event.