Table 2.

Implementation and Data Collection Events, Timing, Participants, and Length of Interactions between Research Staff and Clinicians and Staff of Two Primary Care Practices

TimingEventMaterialsDurationPractice 1 ParticipantsPractice 2 Participants
4 to 5 weeks prior to start of pilot testingIntroductory phone callPractice participation information and agreements1 hourClinic managerClinician champion
Week 1 of implementationBaseline Site Visit.Agenda4 hours total
Interview guides
Toolkit orientation and project expectationsToolkit30 minutes1 Clinic managerProject lead clinician
2 physicians, 1 physician assistant (PA), 3 medical assistants (MAs), 2 receptionists, 1 care coordinator4 resident physicians
1 practice manager
1 clinic manager
2 lab staff
Group interviews with practice toolkit implementation teamBaseline interview guide1.5 to 2 hours1 Clinic managerClinician champion
1 physician2 resident physicians
3 MAs1 lab staff
Lab process observation and mappingProcess observation guide1.5 hours1 physicianClinician champion
3 MAs2 lab staff
2 weeks into implementationEarly implementation check-in callNone30 minutesClinic managerClinician champion
4 weeks into implementationMid-point interviewsMid-point interview guide1 hourClinic managerClinician champion
7 to 8 weeks post- baselineFollow-up site visitAgenda.4 hours
Interview guide
Group and individual interviewsFollow-up interview guide2 hoursClinic managerClinician champion
3 MAs2 resident physicians
2 MAs
Process map revisionsBaseline process map1.5 hoursClinic managerClinician champion
3 MAs1 resident physician
1 lab staff
1 lab manager
12 weeks post-baselineFollow-up phone callFollow-up interview guide30 minutesClinic managerClinician champion