Table 3.

Characteristics of Two Practices Implementing the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Improving Your Laboratory Testing Process Toolkit

Practice CharacteristicsGeneral Internal Medicine PracticeFamily Medicine Residency Practice
Number of clinicians4 physicians, 1 physician assistant34 physicians (24 residents, 10 faculty)
Average number of patients per week160/week486/week
SettingSmall metropolitan (50,000 to 250,000)Medium metropolitan (250,001 to 1000,000 people)
Majority ownership of practiceIntegrated delivery systemMedical school
Quality improvement teamYes; meets weeklyYes; meets 1 to 2 times per month
Number of years using electronic health records8 years14 years
Communication of lab results (portal, phone, and/or letter)All three, depending on patient or provider preference;All three, depending on patient or provider preference;
Phone call used for urgent resultsPhone call used for urgent results
Lab interface processBidirectionalBidirectional
Patient population
Children (under 18 years of age)0%36%
Adult (between 18 and 64 years of age)79%56%
Adult (Age 65 years and older)21%8%