Table 2.

Primary Trial Outcomes: Portal Initiation and Use at 3–6-Month Followup Assessed via Electronic Health Record

In-Person Training Arm (n = 44)Take-Home Training Arm (n = 49)P-Value (χ2 tests)
Intention to Treat Analysis: Comparison by Trial Arm, n (%)
    Accessed training curriculum44 (100)21 (43)<.001
    Initiated sign-up for portal in clinic8 (19)9 (20).9
    Logged into portal Web site9 (21)9 (20).8
Accessed Training (n = 65)Did Not Access Training (n = 28)P-Value (χ2 tests)
Per Protocol Analysis: Comparison by Exposure to Portal Training, n (%)
    Initiated sign-up for portal in clinic12 (20)5 (19)1.0
    Logged into portal Web site14 (23)4 (15)0.4
  • Overall participants: n = 93, including access to online training curriculum.

  • Portal use outcomes (initiation and log-ins): n = 88.