Table 1.

Contents of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's “Improving Your Laboratory Testing Process” Toolkit*

IntroductionDescribes purpose of the toolkit and overview of its use
The Improvement ProcessDepicts example of the discrete steps in a lab testing process
ASSESSProvides overview of assessments to guide focus and scope of improvement effort from practice and patient perspectives
    Assess Your Testing Process
    Assess Office Readiness
    Assess the Patient Experience
    Assess Your Documentation
PLANProvides guidance on planning for improvements
    Plan for Improvements
IMPLEMENTProvides guidance on implementing changes
    Get Ready and Implement Your Change
RE-ASSESSGuides interpretation of effects of changes
    Reassess: Did We Improve?
APPENDICESAdditional tools for assessment and communication
    The Patient Handout
    Electronic Health Record Evaluation