Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics and American Board of Family Medicine Certification Examination Score and Result of all Examinees by Year, 2013 to 2016 (n = 55,532)

2013201420152016P Value
Recertification Candidates
    % passing exam87.590.086.790.3<.0001
    Mean exam score (SD)499.5 (105.8)504.3 (110.7)491.5 (110.8)507.3 (111.9)<.0001
    Mean age (SD) (as of July 1 of exam year)51.3 (8.5)51.8 (8.6)51.9 (8.8)52.2 (8.8)<.0001
    Male gender63.563.060.359.3<.0001
    MD degree91.290.890.390.6.16
    International medical graduate16.718.619.720.0<.0001
        Black or African American5.
        Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.
        American Indian or Alaska Native1.
Hispanic ethnicity5.
Certification candidates
    % passing exam83.490.791.595.1<.0001
    Mean exam score (SD)466.9 (86.1)486.7 (89.1)489.5 (85.8)516.3 (88.2)<.0001
    Mean age (SD) (as of July 1 of exam year)34.5 (5.8)34.3 (5.8)33.9 (5.6)33.6 (5.2)<.0001
    Male gender45.646.843.945.4.086
    MD degree85.284.681.580.4<.0001
    International medical graduate42.340.237.336.1<.0001
        Black or African American7.57.38.3
        Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.60.70.8
        American Indian or Alaska Native1.01.11.1
Hispanic ethnicity8.
  • If a physician registered or sat for the exam in both the spring and fall examinations in the same year, only their fall examination information was retained.

  • SD, standard deviation.