Table 3.

Top Primary Discharge Diagnoses

Chest pain NOS (78650)90Septicemia NOS (0389)38Obs chro bronc w(ac) exac (49121)16
Chest pain NEC (78659)88Chest pain NEC (78659)27Chest pain (NEC)12
Septicemia NEC (0389)49Obs chro bronc w(ac) exac (49121)21Pneumonia, organism NOS (486)9
Syncope and collapse (7802)44Acute kidney failure NOS (5849)21Septicemia NEC (0389)8
Obs chro bronc w(ac) exac (49121)38Acute pancreatitis (5770)17Chest pain NOS (78650)8
Pneumonia, organism NOS (486)34Chest pain NOS (78650)17Urinary tract infection NOS (5990)7
Atrial fibrillation (42731)29Pneumonia, organism NOS (486)15Hb-SS disease with crisis (28262)6
Acute kidney failure NOS (5849)29Acute on chronic systolic heart failure (42823)12Acute on chronic systolic heart failure (42823)
Urinary tract infection NOS (5990)25Hypertension NOS (4019)11Antineoplastic chemotherapy encounter (V5811)6
Cellulitis of leg (6826)24Subendocardial infarction, initial (41071)10Acute on chronic diastolic heart failure (42833)5
  • SA, single admissions; LfR, low-frequency readmissions; HfR, high-frequency admissions; NOS, not otherwise specified; NEC, not elsewhere classifiable; Hb-SS, sickle cell disease; Obs chro bronc w(ac) exac; obstructive chronic bronchitis with acute exacerbation.