Table 1.

Single-Item Burnout Question and Response Options from the 2016 American Board of Family Medicine Certification Practice Demographic Questionnaire, Dichotomized to Indicate Primary Reported Outcome of Burnout Versus Not Burned Out

Question StemUsing Your Own Definition of Burnout, Select an Answer:
Responses Classified as Not Burned Out1. I enjoy my work. I have no symptoms of burnout.
2. I am under stress, and don't always have as much energy as I did, but I don't feel burned out.
Responses Classified as Burned Out3. I am definitely burning out and have 1 or more symptoms of burnout, e.g. emotional exhaustion.
4. The symptoms of burnout that I'm experiencing won't go away. I think about work frustrations a lot.
5. I feel completely burned out. I am at the point where I may need to seek help.